Welcome to MEP Baltic Sea Region! The MEP Baltic Sea Region Program is a non-partisan leadership program for youth in Estonia, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Norway, Russia and Sweden. The aim of the MEP Baltic Sea Region program is to develop interest and skills in addressing high level international issues jointly among high-school students in the 10 countries around the Baltic Sea.  The program is a training ground for future leaders and politicians.

President´s letter

It is my pleasure in welcoming you all to the unique Russian city, seaport and exclave: Kaliningrad. Being located in the most western part of Russia, this city has unique and advantageous access to the Baltic Sea. At 15 000 square kilometers, the territory surrounding Kaliningrad is half the size of Belgium, however, being a part of Russia, Kaliningrad would be considered a city in the largest country in the world. Regardless of how you look upon it, you will be visiting a member of the MEP BSR family over the course of five days. Throughout these days, you will obtain more knowledge and experience than you ever thought was possible in this time-scheme. The environment is set and the city, seaport and exclave, Kaliningrad, is waiting…

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