Oslo 2023 Presidents’ Letter

Welcoming Letter from the Presidency

It’s an honour to welcome all of you to yet another Baltic Sea Region, Model European Parliament, which will be hosted in Utøya, Norway.

Although the island is known for recent horrible events, and a dark time of Norwegian history, why we have chosen to host our upcoming MEP BSR here, for that exact reason. A place full of history and life, with strong ties to the politically active youth of Norway. Not only to withhold this long political tradition, but for the sake of restoring the island’s name, and remind everyone that democracy is a privilege, worth fighting for.

Not only will this MEP BSR be taking place on Utøya, but nonetheless Norway. A country with a mesmerising landscape, everything imaginable from fjords, grand mountain tops, deep forests, arctic tundras, the Norwegian sea and what you most hope to see, the famous northern lights. A nation full of history, as you have most likely heard of our Vikings, and thus following an even richer mythology. A country, not part of the European Union, but with close ties such as the Schengen treaty, enabling Norway as a great venue for the  educational enrichment of international youth politics.

As the gathering of various cultures, people and great minds will take place, we are enthusiastically looking forward to the great resolutions and debates we will see along this journey. They will hopefully give us a better understanding of today’s society, and what needs to be done in the future.

Anticipating the upcoming MEP BSR event in October, we are eagerly looking forward to the participation of delegates, CPs, coordinators, and distinguished guests who will be joining us in Norway.

Alisia N.Vleta/Magnus Theodor de Place Rømer


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