Riga Latvia, 2016

  • 09:30 AM
  • Riga, Latvia
  • www.mepbsr.org

MEPBSR session in Riga/Latvia, March 29 – April 2, 2016. We are happy to welcome delegates from MEP BSR countries and guests in Latvia’s capital Riga for the spring session.

The Opening Ceremony and General Assembly will take place in Riga’s fashionable National Library. The session is hosted in cooperation with The Danish Cultural Institute in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and local partners.

Dear delegates, presidents, teachers and guests,

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Edwin von Krusenstjerna

It is my utmost pleasure to invite you all to the lovely city of inspiration – Riga. Having advantageous access to the Baltic Sea, this capital is home to one of three Baltic states, Latvia. Being considered one of the best weekend travel destinations in the world, you will have the privilege of experiencing this unique city for not only two, but five consecutive days. Over the course of these days, you will obtain more knowledge and experience than you ever thought was possible in this time-scheme. The environment is set and the city of inspiration is waiting.

During your stay in Riga, you as delegates, will in five different committees be acknowledging current problems in the EU and later discussing, debating and agreeing upon solutions to these issues. These solutions are then to be defended in the General Assembly, where other delegates will challenge and criticize what you have put forward. All this, with the guidance of your assigned committee president. In addition to sharing your perspectives and your thoughts, you will also be receiving cultural knowledge during your sojourn in Riga. You will have the privilege of taking part in different activities where you will be acquainted with both the Latvian culture and your fellow delegates.

By taking part in MEP BSR 2016 in Riga, you are unfolding and opening yourself to an experience that will not soon be forgotten. Having previously attended multiple sessions in recent years, I can honestly admit and confirm that MEP truly is an amazing experience and definitely one you shall take advantage of. Remember, you the delegates are an exclusive group of individuals who have been hand-selected by teachers, mentors and other authoritarian figures to be a part of this memorable and advantageous experience. An experience few have the chance to be a part of. See your sojourn in Riga as an opportunity to obtain knowledge, acquaintance yourself with a foreign country and meet new friends from different cultures. Be curious, be open and be prepared!

Best of luck,

Edwin von Krusenstjerna

President of the General Assembly

Committee Presidents of Riga 2016