Sponsors Program

The sponsors to the MEP program fill several important roles. The MEP program is offered to every student on an equal basis. The cost of participating in the program should not prohibit any student to join. Therefore, it is necessary to get financial support from outside sources in order to offer a high-quality program to all member schools. MEP Baltic Sea Region seek socially responsible sponsors that operates in the countries around the Baltic Sea. The companies contribute with their knowhow and resources when needed during international sessions and by offering mentorship to the student.

1  Official Partner/sponsor

The official partner/sponsor is invited to participate during a minimum of three years.
This includes participating in planning activities (social and cultural during sessions)
The official partner is also invited to participate in mentor programs and offer company visits.


  2  Partners/sponsors for the year

A company could become a sponsor for a year and host an activities at a specific session.


3  Supporting partner

A supporting partner would be a company that offers support facilities during sessions such as local transportations, meeting rooms, meals or technical equipment.