Juuso Rantanen

Categories: Kaliningrad

Dear Delegates! My name is Juuso Rantanen and I will

be the committee president for Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs. I am 17-years old and live with my family in Helsinki. I am currently a second year student in upper-secondary school in SYK, one of the top schools in Finland.

This session in Kaliningrad, will be my second international MEP session and in total the third one. I  greatly enjoyed the previous one in Riga as a delegate, and I think I will come to enjoy our session in Kaliningrad, now as a Committee president. In school societal sciences, history and math are my favorite subjects and I´m interested in politics, national as well as european.


The subject of our committee is far from simple and one-dimensional. The question of refugees within EU and at the borders of EU is of great importance and urgency. Though this question has raised a lot of controversy, I believe that our committee will be able to debate the issue sensibly and find solutions to the problems presented. Especially ones that the General Assembly will approve.

I expect all of you to go through the links with care and hope that all of you have a good understanding of both committee work and the issue at hand. The links I have provided will give basic understanding of the issue but I encourage you to research more and if you have any questions, do not hesitate for a second  to send e-mail to me!