Invitation for MEP BSR – Oslo/Nesbru, Norway, Oct 6-11, 2015

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005746_Christian-Bothner_www.nordnorge.com_MoskenesDear colleagues,

On behalf of the MEP Baltic Sea Region organization and Norwegian partners, I have the great pleasure of inviting you to the session in Oslo/Nesbru,  Oct 6-11, 2015 with 10 participants from each of our member countries and 5 from guest countries.

Draft program is enclosed with the invitation. All relevant session papers: program, issues as well as travel form and invoice will be posted on the website later. For preparations, please have your students study the website, where a lot of relevant material is placed: videos, teaching materials, guidelines etc. (downloads).

 We look forward to a swift response regarding your participation and kindly insist on a confirmation of the number of participants you plan to send and the name of the teacher/director accompanying the delegation. Deadline is June 15. Electronic registration for students will be available from the website, in due time. Each country coordinator is also requested to mail the list of students and committee choices to the MEP BSR office. Here we just want to announce the session and its dates.

Delegate fee is €130. Check deadline on the invoice – please only use the latest invoice available from the website. More info will be mailed at a later stage and before the summer holidays.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon, and wishing you well.


Kind regards

Nina Norgaard

Administrative Coordinator, MEP BSR

+45 26 20 11 05