Cultural Events / Host Families

Teambuilding and sightseeing events are arranged by the host country to provide a relaxed atmosphere among the delegates.

The teambuilding program is adventurous and exciting and allows the students to really enjoy the time together and get to know each other.

The host country also arranges various social events, such as dinners with the respective ambassadors, cocktail with the President/Prime Minister of the host country, formal lunches with distinguished
ministers and politicians from various countries of the EU, as well as cultural entertainment in concert halls and ball rooms.

These social gatherings add a wholesome feeling to the interesting and stimulating week. They are utterly important since they contribute to life- long friendships, and deeper understanding of the current situation within the European Union; politically, socially and culturally.

Each delegate is placed in a carefully selected voluntary host family whenever possible. This way of living gives the delegate an insight in the community of the host country, as well as the different values and atmosphere.

During this week the family becomes a great support, as you spend many great evenings, feeling almost as a member of the family. After the eventful week the delegates leave their families knowing they will stay in contact and always be welcome back.