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Dear delegates, teachers, guests of the Model European Parliament,

First and foremost, let me offer you a warm welcome to our chilly capital. With bilingual street signs and a charming mix of eastern and western architecture, Helsinki stands out as a uniquely European city. It is defined by the harmonious co-existence of the old and the new, of history and the modern day. I hope for you to find a similar sense of balance this week as you work to combine and polish your ideas into a single resolution.

During this Baltic Sea Regional Session, each one of you will work in one of six committees. Your task will be to debate, question and share your views and ideas. With the guidance of your committee president, you will draft a resolution, which you will then have to defend in the General Assembly. The General Assembly is where the result of your hard work will be put to test as the rest of the delegates will challenge your resolution in open debate. Before that, there is a lot of teamwork to be done. Deciding on a solution to an issue is hard work, but above all, it is rewarding.

Nevertheless, intellectual sparring is not all this session has to offer. As much as MEP is about working towards a better future on a broad, European scale, it is also about building bridges between people. It all comes down to you, the delegates. Whether you are looking for early political experience, a chance to travel and meet new people, or just simply a unique experience- it is within your reach. We here in Helsinki are thrilled to be hosting such a diverse group of young people and hope to provide you with a session that will challenge you, teach you and reward you, but above all, bring you together.

Lotta Majewski
President of the Helsinki BSR MEP Session

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