New partners

For those interested in the MEP BSR organization or in setting up their own similar project information and relevant materials can be found on the download page, and you might also contact us for further information or help.


The video from MEP BSR Copenhagen 2012 has now been uploaded to YouTube

Updated Website

The MEP BSR website functions both as an information source for people who might be interested in the organization, and a resource for preparation for the upcoming MEP BSR sessions. All relevant material is posted here.

Copenhagen, Denmark, March 27 – April 1, 2012

The next MEP BSR session will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark from March 27 – April 1, 2012 Draft programme and additional documents can be downloaded from the website. Invitation MEP BSR Copenhagen 2012 Program MEP BSR Copenhagen 2012 Invoice MEP BSR Copenhagen 2012 Travelform MEP BSR Copenhagen 2012 Issues MEP BSR Copenhagen 2012 Final…